Does window tinting kill indoor plants?

by TintKit

in Residential Window Tinting

As professional window film installers, we are often asked if a reduces amount of light will affect or even kill indoor plants.

We just read a really great article relating to this subject found here

Most specifically they site research from Dr. Moon:

“According to landscape horticulturist Dr. Robert E. Moon of the Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A&M University, the lack of UV rays does not in anyway affect the natural growth of either desert or tropical plants. The only light rays that plants require for natural growth are far reds, red and blue; and these colors are not part of the UV color spectrum. Blue and Red light which plants absorb, have the greatest effect on plant growth. Blue light is responsible primarily for vegetative (leaf) growth. Thus, red light when combined with blue light encourages flowering. Plants look green to us because they reflect the green light rather than absorb it.”


Their article is worth the read.  It has been our experiance over the last 22 years of installing window titing that window film has no noticible affect on plants.  In fact, we have installed window film of all grades, tints, and thicknesses and have yet to see a single plant’s health be affected.



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